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Hurt in a car accident? Do these five things before you leave the scene.

Take photos at the scene of the collision. Photos that include skid marks, location of the vehicles, and any debris on the pavement could be helpful in proving how a collision occurred and who is at fault. If you are... Continue Reading >>

Top Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent

Automobile insurance is one of the few things we purchase with the hope that we never have to use it. South Carolina law requires a minimum amount of liability coverage and uninsured motorist coverage, but operating your car, truck, or... Continue Reading >>

A New Year’s Resolution That May Save Your Life!

We have all seen it, some of us have been victims of it, and the truth is most of us are guilty of it. Although more than 80 percent of drivers are in favor of laws restricting use of mobile phones while... Continue Reading >>

Auto Collision: Don't Touch That Phone!

Driving on a holiday weekend—or any weekend—can be an extremely dangerous activity. As I’ve written about in the past on my blog, distracted driving represents one of the most dangerous activities on the roadway today. As we have seen in... Continue Reading >>

Protect Yourself in the New Year

Happy New Year! Now that the holiday season is behind us, it’s time to make plans for 2016. Some of those plans may involve using the family automobile. These trips can result in tragedy if motorists around the country do not... Continue Reading >>

Car Accident Property Damage

What Am I Entitled To When My Car Or Truck  Is Damaged As A Result of A Collision? Dealing with the repair or replacement of your car or truck after a collision can be a very frustrating experience.  Having a... Continue Reading >>

Study: South Carolina among Nation’s Leaders in Fatal Crashes

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Even though traffic fatality rates have fallen by 23 percent across the nation since 2005, a new study has found that those rates can vary from region to region. In particular, states in the Northern Plains and the South, including... Continue Reading >>

Black Boxes Can Detail Events Surrounding Car Crashes

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Most people have heard about black boxes being retrieved from crashed airplanes. They give investigators a picture of what happened during the flight before the plane went down. What many may not realize is that, for several years, vehicles have... Continue Reading >>

South Carolina Finally Enacts Texting While Driving Ban

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Even though Gov. Nikki Haley signed a bill into law this week that makes South Carolina the 49th state in the country – and the last state in the South – to limit texting while driving, some say the ban... Continue Reading >>

Help South Carolina Teen Drivers Survive ‘100 Deadliest Days’

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Blissful days of summer vacation bring to mind thoughts of cruising around town and stopping for a burger and shake at the local drive-in. But those carefree teenage days can turn tragic because of the increased potential for car accidents... Continue Reading >>