84461517Each claim is unique. However, we would work towards obtaining a settlement that covers your property damage, medical expenses, lost wages,  pain and suffering and more. Our objective is to ensure that all losses associated with your car accident are taken care of.

If the injuries you have suffered in a car accident are severe or cause permanent disability, require extensive medical treatment or cause lengthy absences from work, an appropriate settlement could be a considerable amount of money.

In a personal injury lawsuit, the defendant’s insurer pays the final settlement up to the limit of the coverage they provide, whether it’s determined by a negotiated agreement or a court order. The defendant would be personally responsible for the balance. So, it’s best to obtain all possible compensation from the insurance company, or multiple insurance companies.

A third-party claim would seek compensation from some individual or organization other than the driver at fault for your accident. This might be the driver’s employer if the driver was driving as part of his or her job when the accident occurred.

If a driver who was underage hit you after consuming alcohol, the store that sold him or her alcohol or the social host who served him or her might be held liable through a third-party claim.

If a faulty part or a manufacturing defect in the car that hit you contributed to your accident, the manufacturer might be compelled to compensate you.

In the end, we would seek to maximize your compensation by conducting a full investigation of your car accident and seeking to hold all responsible parties liable.

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