An IID is a device designed to prevent the operation of a motor vehicle if the operator of that vehicle has consumed alcoholic beverages. It is installed in a DUI / DUAC offender’s car once the suspension of their driver’s license ends. (DUI and DUAC penalties are the same.)

The IID is to remain in place two years after a second DUI offense, three years for a third offense, and indefinitely for a fourth or subsequent DUI conviction.

You will be required to pay a nominal fee to have an IID installed in your car, unless you demonstrate that you cannot afford it.

If a driver who has been drinking tries to start a car equipped with an IID, the device registers their blood-alcohol concentration and assigns points to their IID record. If a driver accumulates 2 or more points, the length of time they must keep the IID will be extended.

You may refuse the IID, but your driving privileges will remain suspended for three years beyond the date when your initial driver’s license suspension ends.

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