You will always have 60 days from the date of your last denial to submit a written appeal in your case plus five days for mailing time. The failure to meet this deadline could be costly.

If you fail to timely appeal, it could result in your claim being dismissed. That means you would need to start all over again and file a new application for benefits.

Considering that completing the required paperwork to appeal your claim only takes about an hour or two, and you will likely know right away whether you wish to pursue an appeal, there is really no reason not to meet this deadline.

However, if you do miss it, you can try to get an extension of time by establishing that was “good cause” for missing the deadline. For instance, you or a family member may have been ill, which prevented you from appealing on time.

Please see our page on Social Security Disability Appeal Deadlines and the Social Security Handbook material on filing for time extensions.

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