Property Damage After a Collision

What Am I Entitled To When My Car Or Truck  Is Damaged As A Result of A Collision? Dealing with the repair or replacement of your car or truck after a collision can be a very frustrating experience.  Having a… Read Full Article »

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Study: South Carolina among Nation’s Leaders in Fatal Crashes

Even though traffic fatality rates have fallen by 23 percent across the nation since 2005, a new study has found that those rates can vary from region to region. In particular, states in the Northern Plains and the South, including… Read Full Article »

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Should Humans Leave the Driving to Computers?

Driver error, perhaps not surprisingly, is the main cause of auto accidents, according to federal safety agencies. How many times have you been caught near drivers who didn’t seem to be paying attention? Or had a near-collision? Driving often feels… Read Full Article »