Be Thankful and Be Prepared

As we approach Thanksgiving, we should all take some time to be thankful for the many blessings of life. For me, this is a time of reflection and gratitude but it can also be a reminder to be prepared for potential unexpected events in life. Continue reading

Understanding fish and game laws in South Carolina

South Carolina is a sportsman’s paradise. With an abundance of fish, game and recreational opportunities, people who enjoy the outdoors can thrive in this state. While hunting and fishing are enjoyable and often relaxing pursuits, it is important to know and to follow all South Carolina fish and game laws and regulations in order to avoid potential criminal prosecution. Continue reading

Attorney Michael Q. Gault Joins Upstate’s Harrison White, P.C.

Gault newest member of firm’s civil litigation team Continue reading


Harrison White, P.C., Visit ‘Your Carolina’ Morning Show

Attorneys Amanda Craven and Michael Gault of Harris, White, Smith & Coggins, P.C., recently paid a visit to the “Your Carolina” morning show on WSPA 7 and discussed how our law firm serves Spartanburg and the surrounding community. The segment… Read Full Article »