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Case Summary: Abdelgheny v. Moody

In South Carolina, the doctrine of comparative negligence bars a plaintiff from recovering for his or her injuries if the plaintiff’s own negligence amounts to more than 50% of the total fault. Recently, in an opinion dated October 28, 2020,… Read Full Article »

Case Summary: Turner v. Medical University of South Carolina

The South Carolina Court of Appeals recently decided a medical malpractice case involving allegations of negligence against an anesthesiologist. In Turner v. Medical University of South Carolina, Opinion No. 5723, 2020 WL 2182256 (S.C. Ct. App. May 6, 2020), a… Read Full Article »

Have you been diagnosed with cancer after exposure to Roundup Weed Killer?

Multiple jury verdicts have been returned in California against Monsanto Company with regard to the weed killer Roundup Ready. Plaintiffs have claimed that the weed killer causes cancer. One jury concluded that Monsanto’s weed killer caused Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in one… Read Full Article »

Does your hospital owe you a duty to ensure that practicing doctors maintain adequate malpractice insurance coverage? Maybe not…

Recently, the South Carolina Court of Appeals decided an appeal involving the question of whether a hospital owes a duty to its patients to ensure that a doctor practicing at the hospital maintains malpractice insurance coverage.  In McCord v. Laurens… Read Full Article »

What is the attorney-client privilege?

The attorney-client privilege protects against the disclosure of confidential communications by a client to his or her attorney and it may apply to communications from a lawyer to his or her client. This means that, if the attorney-client privilege applies, neither you nor your lawyer can be compelled to divulge your written or oral communications. Continue reading

Worried about contacting an attorney? Don’t be.

Life has its ups and downs. When life is good, it’s easy to celebrate—and it’s normally easy to find people with whom to share your good fortune. But when life isn’t so good, it can be lonely. You may feel… Read Full Article »

Don’t Run A-Fowl of South Carolina’s Hunting Laws

It is that time of year again when so many South Carolinians catch buck fever. Starting on October 11th and running until January 1st, the Upstate of South Carolina’s deer season allows hunters to harvest up to two bucks per… Read Full Article »

Does Your Child Have a Bullying Case?

Does your child have a case? Bullying and abuse cases in South Carolina Schools occur at a disappointing rate. Bullying can take many different shapes. Many schools in South Carolina have started to implement the Olweus bullying prevention program. A… Read Full Article »


Eleven Things the South Carolina Courts Consider in Child Custody Cases

When the court hears your custody case, it weighs many facts. The court decides the case by considering what is in the best interests of your child. The court decides the child’s best interests by reviewing many factors, some of… Read Full Article »

Cleveland Park Train Accident

Cleveland Park Train Crash

Lawyers at Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins, P.C. have helped reach a proposed $1.6 million settlement in a legal dispute over the Cleveland Park miniature train derailment. That accident killed a 6-year-old Gaffney boy and injured 28 others in March… Read Full Article »