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It is difficult to face the fact that a marriage is coming to an end. If you have come to terms with the fact that the marriage cannot be reconciled, there are some basic ground rules for preparing for a divorce. Continue reading

Coping with anxiety and depression during your family court case: words of encouragement

If you are living through a Family Court case right now, you know how stressful it can be. Maybe you are going through a divorce. It is difficult to see a marriage reduced to the dollars and cents based on… Read Full Article »

In our client’s own words: I wouldn’t go to any other attorney in the Upstate.

“Allison Dunham has served as my attorney since 2012, and I wouldn’t go to any other attorney in the Upstate. Allison is exceptionally responsive, and I appreciate that she always answers questions personally, thoroughly and gives her clients the pros… Read Full Article »

What do our clients say about attorney Allison Dunham? She is prepared & confident.

“I heard about HWS&C from a friend. At my first appointment, I was very nervous. Then I met Allison Dunham, family court attorney. She listened to my case, asked a lot of questions and told me about the various outcomes… Read Full Article »

The Pros and Cons of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Divorce

The State of South Carolina grants individuals the ability to represent themselves to obtain a divorce or to modify child support and child visitation. This is also known as pro se, a Latin phrase meaning “for himself.” This seems like… Read Full Article »

I am being stalked! Where do I hide?

Anxiety. Anger. Fear. All of these are examples of the gut-wrenching emotions suffered by people who have been stalked and harassed by someone else. Victims of stalking begin to fear answering their phones or receiving text messages. They become scared… Read Full Article »

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Report: More Men Seeking Custody of Children

More men who are going through divorces are pursuing custody of their children – or they are at least no longer willing to accept custody arrangements that may have been common in the past, USA Today reports. In the past,… Read Full Article »

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Five Things to Know about Alimony in South Carolina

If you are considering a divorce in South Carolina, you may have questions about alimony. Alimony payments are made from one spouse to help support the other spouse or compensate the other spouse for financial contributions to the marriage. The… Read Full Article »

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What You Need to Know about Legal Separation in South Carolina

Many people think of a separation as an interim step before getting a divorce. For some, a separation is a permanent solution to a relationship that isn’t working. For example, people may choose separation over divorce because of religious beliefs… Read Full Article »

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Late-in-Life Divorce Raises Special Issues

The rate of divorce among older Americans is growing. Currently one in four people over the age of 50 get divorced, a rate that has doubled in the past 20 years, the Journal of Gerontology reports. Reasons include: People over… Read Full Article »