Nothing compares to being hit by a truck. Tractor trailer accidents are among the most catastrophic of all vehicle crashes.

In a passenger car and commercial truck crash, the overwhelming difference in the vehicles’ size and weight can result in serious injuries for the occupants of the car. Some victims may never fully recover from their life-altering injuries. Yet, these victims are luckier than others; unfortunately, some truck accident victims suffer life-ending injuries.

South Carolina trucking accident victims may suffer severe injuries.

Truck accident victims often suffer severe injuries. They may suffer injuries that include head injuries, internal injuries, brain injuries, amputations, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, deep cuts, burns and paralysis.

Truck accident victims may require medical treatments that last for days, weeks, months, or even the rest of their lives. They may have to undergo hours of intensive therapies or deal with complicated medical devices just to carry out basic functions. Not only does this impact the victim’s emotional state, but it may also impact the victim’s ability to work and enjoy life. And, it can put tremendous pressure on the victim’s loved ones. Family members must learn how to provide medical care while simultaneously adjusting to life without the benefit of the victim’s income or the victim’s contribution to household maintenance.

Who can be held accountable?

As you deal with the pain, emotional trauma, and other concerns from your tractor trailer accident, you may feel yourself getting angry and wanting to hold someone responsible for your injuries.

In many cases, a trucking company and the truck driver can be held financially and legally responsible for a victim’s damages. This is true when the accident was caused, at least in part, by the trucker’s carelessness or the trucking company’s negligence.

Tractor trailer crashes involve complex areas of federal law, and accident claims are hotly contested by the trucking companies and their insurers. At a time like this, you need Harrison White, P.C. on your side. We know how to handle tough cases against big corporations. We have had millions of dollars of settlements in trucking cases.