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If you lost your loved one to a tragic accident, no amount of compensation could ever be “enough” to make you whole. We understand that. We know that most families would trade every last dime they received as compensation for the death just for the chance to get their loved ones back.

But, of course, that’s not possible. And, while recovering compensation from the at-fault parties won’t bring your loved one back, it can help you put the pieces of your life back together again.

Our South Carolina wrongful death attorneys help family members recover compensation.

At Harrison White, P.C., our Spartanburg, South Carolina wrongful death lawyers represent families who have lost loved ones due to the wrongful acts or negligence of others. We help families across South Carolina recover money to compensate them for their losses.

Wrongful death cases are “big” cases. These are not cases that should be entrusted to inexperienced attorneys at small firms. These cases need the expertise, time, and support that only experienced personal injury lawyers at a large firm can offer.

Our lawyers have well over a century’s worth of experience litigating high-profile, high-dollar personal injury cases. In fact, our lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of clients who were injured or who lost loved ones because of someone else’s negligent or wrongful acts. You may even have heard about some of our successes on the news or in local newspapers.

Do you need to learn more about wrongful death cases?

A “wrongful death” occurs when a person’s wrongdoing or neglect causes a death. Because the victim died at the hands of another, certain family members may recover compensation for the loss of the loved one’s financial support and companionship.

A wrongful death can happen in many ways. Common scenarios include:

  • Car, tractor trailer, truck, or motorcycle accidents: A family can hold a negligent motorist financially accountable for causing a fatal roadway collision, whether the accident was caused by a distracted driver, an inadequately trained truck driver, or an automobile defect.
  • Bicycle accidents: Cyclists face dangerous situations every time they ride. A driver may fail to pay attention to a cyclist until it’s too late for the driver to avoid a fatal collision.
  • Workplace accidents: An employer has a duty to provide its workers with a safe working environment. When an employer’s failure to do so results in an employee’s death, the employer may be held financially responsible.
  • Product liability: The manufacturer, distributor, and seller of a product may be held accountable for the death of a consumer if a product’s faulty design or defect caused the death.
  • Medical malpractice: A health care provider who delivers substandard care that results in a patient’s death may be sued.
  • Animal attacks: A pet owner must control his pet, especially if the owner knows the pet is dangerous. A pet owner can be held financially responsible if an animal attacks and kills a person.

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If you recently lost a loved one to a tragic accident, you are likely consumed by emotions. You may find it difficult to complete your day-to-day tasks, let alone to call a lawyer. But, contacting a South Carolina wrongful death lawyer could make a difference for you and your family. A financial recovery could help you get your life back in order and provide you with the closure you need.

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