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According to a recent study of paid medical malpractice judgments and settlements in the U.S., an estimated 4,082 surgical “never event” claims occur in our country each year. These are surgical errors that should never happen. They include leaving foreign objects in a patient’s body, operating on the wrong patient or wrong body part or performing an improper procedure. These errors can leave patients with permanent or fatal injuries.

The lawyers of Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins, P.C., are dedicated to helping those who have suffered harm due to surgical errors or lost a loved one as a result of this form of medical malpractice. Our firm has decades of collective experience in this area of the law, and we have the resources that are needed to handle the challenging issues that arise in these cases.

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Why Surgical Errors Occur  

Surgery can be a complex process. All medical professionals involved in the procedure must perform their duties in a way that is on par with accepted standards of practice. A failure to fulfill this duty by anyone involved in the surgery can lead to a surgical error that injures or kills a patient.

While some unfortunate outcomes are the result of recognized risks of the particular procedure, injuries and deaths resulting from the failure to meet required standards should be investigated and pursued.

A thorough investigation by our law firm into your case may reveal that you or your loved one was harmed due to a medical professional:

  • Leaving a foreign object in the body – This can occur when doctors, nurses or other surgical staff fails to keep a proper count or checklist of sponges and other equipment used in the operation.
  • Operating on the wrong patient – This may happen because hospital staff incorrectly marks a patient’s name, date of birth or room number or simply fails to verify that the correct patient has been taken into surgery.
  • Operating on the wrong body part – This can result from an incorrect diagnosis, incorrect reading of a patient chart or due to a mark being placed on the wrong part of a patient’s body.
  • Performing the wrong procedure – This can occur when a doctor has misinterpreted X-rays or test results or simply misread the patient’s chart.
  • Failing to properly administer anesthesia – This can occur due to an incorrect assessment of the amount of anesthesia that is needed to perform the procedure. A patient could wake up during a surgery or experience severe pain in an area that has not been properly numbed.
  • Allowing patients to become infected – This may occur when medical professionals fail to wash their hands, wear protective gear or properly sterilize equipment and instruments.

All of these errors may be the product of underlying problems within a hospital or clinic. For instance, a doctor, nurse or staff member may be allowed to participate in a surgery even though they lack experience or training. Vital information may not be communicated in a timely manner. Also, the surgical staff may be simply fatigued due to a long shift and heavy workload.

Seeking Compensation for Surgical Error Victims and Their Families

When Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins, P.C., takes on a surgical error case, we take steps that include:

  • Carefully analyzing all medical records (including records of examinations, tests and procedures that were performed)
  • Interviewing witnesses and obtaining formal oral and/or written statements
  • Reviewing the records of each medical professional to determine whether the incident fits into a pattern of surgical errors committed by the professional
  • Consulting with qualified medical experts who can review the case and testify in court.

A medical malpractice claim may be brought against the doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist or other surgical staff member responsible for the harm suffered by you or a loved one. A claim may also be pursued against the hospital or clinic.

A surgical error could lead to a patient’s extended stay in the hospital and thousands of dollars in additional care and treatment. A surgical error would seek to recover these medical costs as well as seek compensation for any lost income, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other losses a patient has suffered. Wrongful death damages may be pursued if the error is fatal. 

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