Vehicle Repair or Replacement in Upstate South Carolina

vehicle replacementIf your car has been seriously damaged in an accident, the insurance company will decide whether to repair or replace it. You do not necessarily have to go along with the insurer’s decision. No matter what choice is made, you should be fairly compensated.

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Making the Decision to Repair or Replace Your Car

When you seek a settlement for the damage done to your car, you will deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or your own auto insurer.

If you use your own collision or comprehensive insurance to repair your car, you will have to pay the deductible. You should be able to recover that money from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. An attorney can assist with making this claim.

While your car is being repaired, you should be able to rent a car and be reimbursed through auto insurance. If you file a claim against the other driver’s insurer, that insurer is required by law in South Carolina to reimburse you. Some insurers will pay the rental car company directly.

The actual cash value (ACV) of a car that has been in an accident is determined by using guides such as the Kelley Blue Book. An insurer can also analyze sales of similar cars in your area (minus any damage that existed before the accident.)

The insurer will weigh the cost to repair the damage to your car against paying you its ACV and then selling the car for salvage. If the repairs would cost more, the claims adjuster is likely to declare your car to be a total loss, or “totaled.”

If the car is totaled, the insurance company should pay for the cost of renting a car or reimburse you until a settlement has been offered.

Determining the Value of a ‘Totaled’ Car

You may not like the insurance company’s determination of the actual cash value of your car and its settlement offer. With the help of a lawyer, you can make a counter offer by:

  • Establishing a higher value for your car based on comparable vehicles that are priced for more than the ACV your insurer has suggested
  • Establishing a higher value because of your car’s upgraded after-market parts, a custom paint job, recently installed new parts or other features.

In most cases, there is room for negotiation. It is important to have complete and accurate information to present to the insurance company as you press for the best possible settlement.

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