Jeremy A. Dantin

To Jeremy A. Dantin, part of the joy of practicing law is the ongoing opportunity it provides to learn new things and new ways to serve clients. As a result, his practice at Harrison White is one of the more diverse in the firm.

Dantin devotes a significant portion of his practice to Workers Compensation, but also handles personal-injury cases, nursing-home litigation, and other civil litigation. In fact, he has received a preeminent AV-rating in the areas of Workers Compensation, Litigation and Personal Injury.

Additionally, Dantin has also become the firm’s primary appellate attorney, handling appellate brief writing and arguing cases before the Workers’ Compensation Appellate Panel, the South Carolina Court of Appeals and the South Carolina Supreme Court. Further, he has recently become a certified civil-court mediator.

“I love being involved with different kinds of facts, different kinds of law, different kinds of people,” Dantin says. “I like the challenge of being in front of the Workers Compensation Commission one day, a judge another day, and an appellate panel the next. It keeps things interesting.”

He holds two B.A. degrees - one in English from Vanderbilt University in 1994 and another in Psychology from the University of South Carolina in 1995 - and received his J.D. from Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law in 1999. He then spent a year clerking for Georgia Superior Court Judge C. Michael Roach before taking a job with an Atlanta firm that did primarily insurance-defense work, concentrating his practice there on cases involving products liability, nursing-home defense, and construction, as well as mass-tort litigation.

He and his wife, Suzanne, both grew up in the Spartanburg area and wanted to move home to raise their kids. In 2002, he returned to South Carolina and began working with a prestigious Greenville-based defense firm. Then in 2005, he joined Harrison White in Spartanburg.

From the beginning, Dantin’s expertise as an insurance-defense lawyer proved beneficial in crossing over to represent plaintiffs. “Having a background as a law clerk and defense attorney is really useful in trying to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of any given set of facts,” he says. “I believe assessing a case from both perspectives is crucial to success.”

While Dantin enjoys all aspects of his diverse practice, he considers his appellate work as perhaps the most intellectually satisfying. “I love research, I love writing, and I love the opportunity to present legal arguments in a formal setting before a panel of commissioners, judges or justices. The intellectual challenge of staking out a position and defending it in appellate practice is unparalleled,” he says.

While he’s looking forward to arguing more appeals and building on his current practice, he’s is always pursuing new legal interests. “My law practice continues to evolve as I progress in my career,” he says. “I just try to make sure that I stay fully engaged and constantly look for ways to broaden and refine my skills.”

While his appellate work has provided him with several personal highlights, Dantin maintains there is no bigger thrill than helping a deserving client. “There is something profoundly satisfying about standing with a person who truly needs your help and delivering results in their time of need. There are lawyers that can go through their entire careers and never know that satisfaction, and we at this firm are blessed to be in a position to really make a difference.”

His primary outside interests include spending time with his family (his wife, their three sons and one daughter), hunting, and fishing. He is also active in his church, and continues to serve on boards of various local organizations.